In-game commands


  • @commands - displays a list of @ commands available to the player
  • @rates - displays the server rates
  • @uptime - show server uptime since last map server restart
  • @showdelay - shows or hides the red "Cannot use the skills" message
  • @hold
  • @lgp[circle, shake, aoes, square]
  • @exp - displays current levels and % progress
  • @mobinfo[mi] - displays monster information (rates, stats, drops, MVP data)
  • @iteminfo[ii] - displays item information (type, price, weight, drops)
  • @whodrops - displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item. Only the highest drop rates are shown
  • @time - displays the local server time, along with day/night information
  • @hominfo [homstats] - displays homunculus stats in different formats
  • @showexp - toggles the display of experience gain messages
  • @refresh[autorefresh ] - synchronizes the player's position on the client with the one stored on the server
  • @noask - toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites
  • @noks - toggles Kill Steal Protection
  • @autoloot[@alootid] <% or id> - enables or disables autolooting items from killed mobs
  • @autoloottype[aloottype] < - starts or stops autolooting a specified item type
  • @autotrade - allows you continue vending offline, then logs off
  • @showcast [showcastdelay] - show information about casting and delay time of the next casted skill
  • @whosell - search in all the player vendings, where the given item is sold and it's best value
  • @packetfilter - activates a mode to ignore some packets on WoE, comming from other users
  • @guildskill - command only usable by Guild/Team Leaders, to use guild skills without the need of open the Guild Window
  • @order - command only usable by Guild/Team Leaders to display a global message warning to your Guild/Team
  • @leader - command only usable by Team Leader, to give the Leader pos to another player in the Team
  • @reportafk - allow a Team Leader to kick a idle/afk player from battleground
  • @listenbg - enable/Disable receive battleground global announcements. (Ignore script command bgannounce messages)
  • @bgranked [bgregular] - display the Top 10 players of each BG type (Ranked and Regular)
  • @joinbg[leavebg]
  • @duel[invite, accept, reject, leave] - duel-organizing commands
  • @channel - WoM channels system
  • @cats - Keeps commands when you enter the game
  • @restock

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